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12 pcs Diamanten 3 22 ct Baguette E F G H I SI1 SI2 VS1 VS2 VVS2

    12 pcs Diamanten 3 22 ct Baguette E F G H I SI1 SI2 VS1 VS2 VVS2

    Beschrijving: Beutiful Parcell Of Baguette for jewelery SG 3.22 CARAT 12 Diamonds
    All clean to the eye

    The original paper certificate will be included in the shipment.

    For more details and and verification of the above details, please view the attached certificate image.

    VAT is not including in the price.

    The difference between import and local purchase?s? is only the ?customs clearance fee which is ??between 30-50 Euro, depending on your country


    ?The ?Import process is very ?simple as ?the shipping company does the entire import procedure?. All the customer has to do is pay the VAT.?

    In Switzerland the ?VAT is only 7?%?.
    In Hong Kong and the USA the VAT is 0%.

    * We also offer a By Passenger service from Geneva?, Switzerland? - The client can pick up the goods from Geneva Air Port without paying any tax. The cost of this service is 250 Euro.
    For more details you can write us ?once your purchase is complete.

    Also, if you have any other preferred address, please let us know.


    We`rea Diamond Manufacturer of Fine Diamonds that specializes in Fine Diamonds and Fine Cut.

    Our rough origin is Syndicate rough and all our Diamonds are Conflict free Diamonds with Kimberly certificate.

    Our main goal is to offer consumers the right goods per the cut shape and the make of the Diamond.

    All our Diamonds are with NO BGM diamonds which meanswe we don`t use Brown, Green or Milky rough, only pure Syndicate Rough with

    Excellent luster. As a result, the polished Diamond has the maximum light reflection and sparkle.

    We guarantee the best Reserve prices for the fine quality of the Diamonds we offer.

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